Primal Egg = Raptor Mount

I finally decided to begin the legendary cape quest line (read epic grind) to get Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon. This will be my first legendary item ever!

Xing-Ho Legendary Cape World of Warcraft

But wait, this post is supposed to be about a mount right? Well, as I am running Throne of Thunder for about the 30th time collecting Sigils of Wisdom & Sigils of Power for The Strength of One’s Foes part of Chapter 1: Trial of the Black Prince, I looted Treasures of the Thunder King from Ji-Kun which contained a Primal Egg.

Primal Egg Primal Raptor MountThese also drop from Devilsaurs and Raptors on the Isle of Giants, and have reportedly been looted from mobs on Timeless Isle as well.

The egg has a 3-day incubation period and then turns into Cracked Primal Egg which once opened will randomly spawn one of three Primal Raptor Mounts:

Reins of the Black Primal Raptor

Reins of the Black Primal Raptor Primal Egg

Reins of the Green Primal Raptor

Primal Egg Reins of the Green Primal Raptor

Reins of the Red Primal Raptor

Reins of the Red Primal RaptorI am anxiously awaiting my new arrival and am hoping for green or black, but we’ll see!


Attack of the Flying Monkeys??

Last night after finishing up Seige of Ogrimmar 25-man, I was at the Shrine of Seven Stars and noticed flying monkeys all around the upper terrace.

Attack of the Flying Monkeys

Their nameplates said Gilded Moth but they were definitely monkeys.

Flying Monkeys 2


They were really more like floating monkeys but it was hilarious, especially after one attacked me by floating straight into my head!! Thank goodness I lived to tell about it…lol!

Flying monkey attack

Soloing Kael’thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep as a 90 Destruction Warlock

I have been going back through old content trying to complete some dungeon and raid achievements and pick up some unique battle pets and mounts that I am missing. I have found most of the older level 60 – 80 raid content fairly easy, but due to fight mechanics, a few of the 25-man raids have been a challenge to solo including the final boss of The Eye in Tempest Keep, Kael’thas Sunstrider.

It took me about 15 or so wipes to get the mechanics down, but I was finally able to down  him and get the achievement. Unfortunately the   Ashes of Al’ar  mount did not drop, but I should be able to farm it much easier in the future.

Since I had a difficult time getting the hang of it, I thought I would share what finally worked for me. I also found a good video on YouTube that you can check out as well.

A decently geared 90 shouldn’t have any problems with the first three bosses, but there are a few things to be aware of.

Boss #1:  In the middle room is Al’ar,  He is a huge bird with gold glowing feathers and is the model for the coveted Ashes of Al’ar mount. He flies high up near the ceiling so look up or you might  miss him. He has a fire AOE spell and spawns adds, but neither of these should be an issue.

Once he reaches 0% health he will respawn in the center of the room at full health and you will have to rinse and repeat.

He also drops the Brilliant Phoenix Hawk Feather which summons the Phoenix Hawk Hatchling.

Boss #2 & #3: In the left room you will find Void Reaver  He has an annoying silence. After clearing the trash in the room, send void to grab aggro and maintain maximum distance. Place  Curse of the Elements and Immolate, and DPS using your normal DPS rotation.

You can pop Unending Resolve here but keep in mind that it can only be used once every three minutes. I found that moving as much as possible and casting Incinerate on the move from Kil’jaeden’s Cunning worked best.

He also drops a Tiny Fel Engine Key which summons a Pocket Reaver.

The right room houses High Astromancer Solarian. She has a knock back that will send you flying high in the air, but is still a fairly easy DPS burn at this level. She will spawn adds if not burned down fairly quickly. 

She drops Crystal of the Void which summons the Lesser Voidcaller.

Final Boss:

Kael’thas Sunstrider is the last boss and is not that difficult by himself, but he has four other adds with him (his Advisors) that can easily cause a quick wipe due to the almost continuous barrage of silences, fears, and stuns they cast in the third phase of the fight.

First, make sure to clear the trash mobs in this room before you engage the boss. Then put up a Demonic Circle up between the back of the room and the area in front of the boss because  kiting and killing the adds away from each other is the key to effectively soloing this.

Phase 1: The Advisors One By One

Walk up to Kael’thas Sunstrider to start the fight. He engages in a long speech and then will send each advisor one by one to attack you. In this phase the advisors only attack at half health and engage in the following order:

1. Thaladred the Darkener – He is melee and has a nasty silence that he casts if you are within 8 yards of him. He also has a knock back attack. He walks towards you fairly slowly when summoned so just send your void to attack and DPS as normal. Try to kill him in his starting location if possible.

2. Lord Sanguinar – He is also melee and has a roar that fears anyone within 35 yards. He will run to you when summoned so dash to the back left corner of the room behind the boss and the other advisors. Then, once he is within  range, attack with your void and try to DPS him down in that corner. He may fear you but you want to lead him back to that same corner and continue DPS. You may need to put your passive temporarily to get him back in the corner and then reactivate pet when he gets close. Repeat til dead.

3. Grand Astromancer Capernian – She is a caster and casts conflagrate which does damage and disorients. If you get within melee range she also casts an arcane explosion that has a big knock back and slow effect. As soon as Lord Sanguinar is down, run to your Demonic Circle and use it to transport yourself back near the room entrance. Get against that to force her to come as close to you and as far from the other advisors location as possible. She will only come to within casting range so that is why you want to be against that front wall. Once she begins casting, DPS her down as normal.

4. Master Engineer Telonicus – He casts an AOE fire spell as well as a debuff that stuns the affected player for 4 seconds. Lead him to the rear right corner and DPS him down with the Void tanking.

Phase 2: The Weapons

As soon as Telonicus is down, Kael’thas summons a cache of weapons to attack. The Staff of Disintegration and the Netherstrand Longbow are ranged wepaons and tend to stay on the platform near the boss. The bow also has a multi-shot attack so send your Void to attack the bow while you DPS down the Staff. Loot the Staff  as you will need to equip it in the next phase since it gives you a 15-minute buff that makes you immune to stun, silence, and disorient effects. 

The remaining weapons are melee weapons and cluster on your location.  Kite them to the front wall near the entrance where you killed Capernian, and then use your Rain of Fire and Fire and Brimstone to AoE them down. As soon as all weapons are down, equip the Staff of Disintegration and then right click on it to get the buff. 

Phase 3: All Four Advisors Reanimated To Full Health

This is the hardest phase of this entire battle. The staff is key in being able to avoid being stunlocked and killed. In this phase Kael’thas reanimates his four advisors to full health and they all four attack you at once. Your first priority should be Capernian. DPS her down as before. It only takes a few seconds for Lord Sanguinar and Thaladred to get to you. Once they reach you, after Capernian is down, use Havoc on one and DPS the other using normal multi-add rotation. Teloniucus should be the last advisor to reach you and can be kited and DPS’d down. You have three minutes before Kael’thas joins the fight and begins the next phase.

Once the advisors are down, the rest of the battle should be a cake walk.

Phase 4: Kael’thas Engaged

As soon as Kael’thas engages, dismiss your pet to avoid being mind controlled. He will cast pyroblast and flamestrike and will also summon a phoenix that continually casts hellfire.  Stay out of the red glowing circles and away from the phoenix and DPS it down, then continue to DPS Kael’thas. If you  do not kill the phoenix, it will spawn an egg that will hatch into another phoenix in about 15 seconds. The egg can be DPS’d as well.

Once Kael’thas is down to 50% health, the next phase begins.

Phase 5: Kael’thas’ in the Air

At 50% health Kael’thas becomes immune for a short time and floats up in the air. If there are still any phoenixes or egss, kill them.  Equip your main weapon and resummon your pet. He will then lift you up in the air and pull you towards him while he casts nether vapor. This will be visible and look like grey clouds. Move back out away from the boss avoiding the nether vapor clouds and get about chest height. Do not get too close to the ground or you will take damage and be catapulted back up in the air. DPS the boss. He should be dead while you are still in the air. Just wait til the end of the cycle and you will return to the floor to loot him and hopefully get Ashes of Al’ar!

I’ll be taking some screen shots on my next run.


Blazing Rune = Corefire Imp

Corefire Imp

Since I had to visit Blackrock Spire and Blackrock Depths to complete Elders of the Dungeons, I decided to make a quick run through of Molten Core to try to pick up a Corefire Imp.  . This little guy was added in Patch 5.1 and is required to complete the achievement Raiding With Leashes.

He is summoned by a Blazing Rune which drops from Magmadar.
Blazing Rune 2

I really wasn’t expecting the rune to drop. I figured I would just clear the dungeon, get some Hydraxian Warlord rep (I’m still only at honored I think) and make some gold. However, much to my surprise, the Rune dropped. Woot!

Blazing Rune

Now I have another rare pet to level to 25.

Lunar Festival – Finding Elder Morndeep

Elder Morndeep

Elder Morndeep  can be found in the Ring of Law inside Blackrock Depths , a level 53 – 56 dungeon. He is one of 13 Elders located in the dungeons of Azeroth that must be honored during the Lunar Festival in order to complete the achievement, Elders of the Dungeons.

Blackrock Depths is located inside Blackrock Mountain and can be accessed from Burning Steppes or Searing Gorge.

Enter Blackrock Mountain and make your way through to the Molten Span. Once inside the Span, follow the path until you locate the Blackrock Depths Meeting Stone.

BRD Meeting Ston

From the stone, go straight down the ramp on the right, then go down the ramp on the left. You should be inside Forgewright’s Tomb and you should see a big stone coffin in the center of the room.

Cross the room to the diagonal corner and go down the ramp on your right. Then proceed through the doorway back into the Molten Span.

Forgewright Tomb Exit

Follow the path around to the right until you get to a large chain angled downward on your left.

BRD Chain

Walk down the chain or fly down to the landing and enter the doorway on the right.

BRD to quarry

Then go left into the Grinding Quarry.

BRD Grinding Quarry

Make your way across the quarry to the Blackrock Depths entrance portal.

Across Quarry

Once inside the dungeon, proceed straight ahead into the Detention Block.


Continue straight ahead to the tunnel on the right. You should also be able to see a green path on your map. Head for that path.


BRD Ring

After you enter the tunnel on the right, then enter the first door on your left into the Ring of Law. Elder Morndeep is inside.

Elder Morndeep Ring

Entering the Ring can activate the boss so pay your respects and exit quickly! Congratulations!

Lunar Festival – Finding Elder Stonefort

Elder Stonefort

Elder Stonefort can be found in Lower Blackrock Spire , a level 58 – 60 dungeon. He is one of 13 Elders located in the dungeons of Azeroth that must be honored during the Lunar Festival in order to complete the achievement, Elders of the Dungeons.

For those players who are not that familiar with the Blackrock instances, here is a guide to finding him. This tutorial assumes that you are at least level 60 and have a flying mount.

Enter Blackrock Mountain from the Burning Steppes  or Searing Gorge and make your way through to the Molten Span inside the mountain. Once there, fly up to the Blackrock Spire entrance portal. You should see a terrace with a doorway. The portal is straight ahead. 

BRS Entrance

Once through the portal, go up the ramp and through the doorway. You should be facing a set of stairs. Take the stairs on the right.

Elder Stonefort Alcove

 At the top of the stairs there is an alcove on the right. step out onto it, but be careful not to fall off the edge.

Elder Stonefort Alcove 2

Position yourself in the left corner, then jump down to the left onto the stone floor below. Go through the doorway on the left and wind through the hallway.

Elder Stonefort Alcove 3

 Once out of the hall, go left and down the stone ramp.

Elder Stonefort worgs

You should be able to see Elder Stonefort in the distance across the bridge.

Elder Stonefort bridge

Continue down the stone path keeping to the left side and make your way across the bridge. Loop around an outcropping of boulders to reach Elder Stonefort.

Elder Stonefort 2

Pay your respects to get your Coin of Ancestry and your Lucky Red Envelope! Congratulations!

Elder Stonefort 3

Patch 5.4.7 PTR Highlights

While most of Patch 5.4.7 PTR mostly affects PVP which I don’t really do, there is a change to the following list of items available for purchase from Mistweaver Ai  on the Timeless Isle.

Timelss Isle Mistweaver Ai Location

Each item’s level cap has been increased from ilvl 476 to ilvl 489. This change is retroactive, so it also applies to any items that have already been purchased. This change would allow the final ilvl after purchasing both allowable upgrades to ilvl 497. Each upgrade costs 250 Valor Points.

Cloudscorcher Greatstaff

Contemplation of Shaohao

Daylight Protectorate

Featherdraw Longbow

Hozen Can Opener

Ordon Sacrificial Dagger

Pandaren Peace Offering

Scavenged Pandaren Dagger

Shield of the Eternal Noon

Yak-Herder’s Greatstaff

These weapons cost between 10,000 and 20,000 Timeless Coins so it may still be easier to farm weapons from instances and raids.


Lunar Festival – Finding Elder Bluewolf

Elder Bluewolf is one of the 18 Elders in Northrend that must be honored during the Lunar Festival in order to complete the Elders of Northrend achievement.

Elder Bluewolf location

He is located inside the fortress in Wintergrasp. Easy-peasy as long as your faction controls the zone. Unfortunately for me, on my realm the Horde almost always controls it which has been extremely frustrating since he was the only Elder I needed to complete the achievement. Then, someone told me about a system glitch that allows a player to access the inside of the fortress when the opposite faction controls the zone.

Let me say that this wasn’t easy. It took me several tries to reach Elder Bluewolf but I did it and I thought I would share it here. Before you try this, make sure that there is not an active PVP battle in Wintergrasp as there is no flying in the zone during battles and you will get dismounted and fall into infinity.

First, fly to Icecrown  approaching the Icecrown Citadel from the Court of Bones. At the top of the citadel is a huge stone goat like head with horns and directly below that is a stone terrace with a spike like border.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 1

You want to land on the terrace below and to the right of the head as pictured below.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 2

 Once you land look for a narrow crack in the wall at the far right end of the terrace wall. Then dismount.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 3

Once dismounted you want to walk slowly through the crack to the opposite side of the terrace. It only takes a couple of steps. Once through the wall, you will be on another terrace and somewhere in front of you, you should see a spike like column and a thin black diagonal line through the opening. You may have to take a few more steps forward or to the right to get to the correct opening. It took me a couple of times going through the wall to get to this terrace and in front of this opening.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 4

Once you have found the right spot then mount back up on a flying mount and slowly walk it just off the edge and then STOP! Pan your camera straight down. You should see an opening at the bottom that you can fly down through. If you see a stone wall rather than the opening, then you have not successfully triggered the glitch and need to redo the above steps.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 5

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 6

Fly straight down keeping as close to the wall as possible. Once you have descended below the opening, stop and turn counter-clockwise until you see a wall of spikes. Once you see the spike wall, then look for a dark patch on the ground below it and a small grey square. It should become visible as you get closer to the circled area in the photo below. The square is actually another opening that you need to fly through. It looks too small but you will fit through it. This step also took me a couple of tries. I got dismounted a couple of times before I finally found the opening and got through.

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 8

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 9

Once you are through the second opening, you will see the bottoms of buildings. You are now actually “underneath” the citadel. Drop just low enough to stay underneath the buildings. Follow your map to the location of the Wintergrasp fortress. There should be a yellow exclamation mark on your map. Try to stay in view of the buildings or you run the risk of getting dismounted or disconnected. I experienced both of these problems.

Once you have flown to the correct location on your map, look up. You should see a yellow  room. This is the inside of the Wintergrasp fortress. Fly up inside the room and you should be in the room with Elder Bluewolf. Honor him and hopefully complete the achievement!

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 10

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 11

ICC Elder Bluewolf Tutorial 12

There is a portal to Dalaran in the corner or you can hearth out. Not so easy-peasy but definitely completed!

Designing Your Character

Ikillzya Mage Toon

STEP 1: Choose Your Realm: World of Warcraft has a multitude of realms in four different gameplay styles that cover four different regions of the world to better accommodate it’s large subscriber base. Choose your realm based on location, realm play type, and population. Some realms are more highly populated than others.


Normal/PVE (Player versus environment) – Players can not attack other players except in specified situations such as Battlegrounds, Arenas, and other limited PVP situations.

PVP (Player versus player) –  Players can attack other players at will.

Normal RP (Role Play) – Characters roleplay as their characters and can not be attacked by other players except as noted above.

PVP RP (Player versus player role play) – Characters roleplay as their characters and players can attack other players at will.

Realms Selection

STEP 2: After choosing a server to play on, the next step is to design your character. You will need to choose a gender, race and class

Gender can be male or female.

Race determines your new character’s overall look, starting location, racial mount, and  faction (either Horde or Alliance). 

Class determines your character’s core abilities, type of armor that can be worn,  and type of weapons that can be used. It also provides certain class bonuses. Some classes are only playable by certain races.

Character Design Screen

There are three distinct class roles in game but not all can be played by each class. Tanks are powerful characters with heavy armor that sustain large amounts of damage. Healers have regenerative powers and can heal themselves and others. Damage Dealers (DPS) have less armor but deal high amounts of damage. Some classes can function in multiple roles depending on their talent specialization (spec).

Click the links below for more information on each race and class, the roles they can play, and possible talent specializations.

Race/Faction:  Human/Alliance, Dwarf/Alliance, Night Elf/Alliance, Gnome/ Alliance, Draenei/ Alliance, Worgen/Alliance, Orc/Horde, Undead/Horde, Tauren/Horde, Troll/ Horde, Blood Elf/ Horde, Goblin/ Horde, Pandaren/Alliance or Horde. 

Class: Warrior , Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Monk, Druid, Death Knight

**You can create a maximum of 10 characters per server so you may want to create several characters until you find one that best fits your personal gameplay style.

STEP 3: Customize your character’s appearance.

You can also further customize several aspects of your new character’s appearance such as skin color, hair style and color, facial profile, facial hair, piercings, horns and tusks, and body markings. You can also allow the computer to randomly generate these features for you by clicking on the randomize button. 

WOW Character Customization Screen

STEP 4: Name your character. You can also select randomize to  view computer generated name options. Character names must comply with guidelines set by Blizzard Entertainment.

STEP 5: Click finish to finalize your selections and create your new character.